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NFO File

For Total.Uninstall.v6.22.1.Professional.MULTi.WinALL.Cracked-RMK

    Release Date - 18/03/2018
    Target -       Total Uninstall Professional
    Cracker -      RmK-FreE
    Release Type - Crack v1
    Protection  -  Themida/Winlicense
    OS -           Win All
    URL -          http://www.martau.com

    Copy Tu.exe x86 or x64 to Make_Cert_&_Sign folder and run 1_Run_Create_Certs.bat,
    skip passwords and add your certificate to system.
    Now that you have 3 files cert.cer/.pfx/.pvk you can run 2_Run_Sign.bat to sign
    Tu.exe own certificate.

    x86 Tu.exe
    CRC-32: a8d913b0
    MD4: fc871c4d993b4b8391a9ac15d8b1544a
    MD5: 0899745c09a4266b02582e852677cf28
    SHA-1: e05e14a2d028e3e10ea5d9ac31e4ef53f62e2b51

    x64 Tu.exe
    CRC-32: c1c4cd62
    MD4: 8c23ebd1b67421189dc27536ee67e5ac
    MD5: 36a96b26f02671fb5819462b33748e56
    SHA-1: 076cc49bf385f8aafe551201e2dd730b46831d65