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NFO File

For Pictures of Hollis Woods (2007).NTSC.DVD

Title: Pictures of Hollis Woods (2007).NTSC.DVD                          
IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1057512/                              
A troubled foster child with an affinity for drawing and artwork, becomes
attached to her eccentric and forgetful new foster mother, also an       
Tony Bill                                                                
Jodelle Ferland                                                          
Sissy Spacek                                                             
Alfre Woodard                                                            
Ridge Canipe                                                             
James Tupper                                                             
Julie Ann Emery                                                          
Judith Ivey                                                              
Desiree Zurowski                                                         
Valentina Cardinalli                                                     
Format:                     MPEG-PS                                      
File size:                  3.14 GB                                      
Duration:                   1h 35m 28s                                   
Overall bit rate mode:      Variable                                     
Overall bit rate:           4.703 Mbps                                   
Format:                     MPEG Video                                   
Format Version:             Version 2                                    
Standard:                   NTSC                                         
Duration:                   1h 35m 28s                                   
Bit rate mode:              Variable                                     
Bit rate:                   4.226 Mbps                                   
Width:                      720 pixels                                   
Height:                     480 pixels                                   
Display aspect ratio:       4:3                                          
Frame rate:                 29.970 fps                                   
Bit depth:                  8 bits                                       
Scan type:                  Interlaced                                   
Scan order:                 Top Field First                              
Format:                     AC-3                                         
Duration:                   1h 35m 28s                                   
Bit rate mode:              Constant                                     
Bit rate:                   384 Kbps                                     
Channel(s):                 6 channels                                   
Channel positions:          Front: L C R, Side: L R, LFE                 
Sampling rate:              48.0 KHz                                     
Bit depth:                  16 bits                                      
Compression mode:           Lossy                                        
Language:                   english