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The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (2018) 7.1/10

DVD Release Date: 1900-01-01

A writer develops bonds with the residents of Guernsey when she writes a book about their experiences of the Nazi occupation on the island during World War II.

Genre: Romance, Drama
Director: Mike Newell
Starring: Lily James, Matthew Goode, Jessica Brown Findlay

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005) 7.7/10

DVD Release Date: 1900-01-01

Dark And Difficult Times Lie Ahead.
Harry starts his fourth year at Hogwarts, competes in the treacherous Triwizard Tournament and faces the evil Lord Voldemort. Ron and Hermione help Harry manage the pressure – but Voldemort lurks, awaiting his chance to destroy Harry and all that he stands for.

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Family
Director: Mike Newell
Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint

Birth of a Nation (1983) 7.5/10

A new teacher at a highly problematic comprehensive school feels that corporal punishment may just be inflaming the problems, and so begins to campaign against it.

Genre: Drama, TV Movie
Director: Mike Newell
Starring: Jim Broadbent, Robert Stephens, Bruce Myers

The Awakening (1980) 4.8/10

DVD Release Date: 1900-01-01

They thought they had buried her forever!
When a British archaeologist violates an Egyptian queen's tomb, her evil spirit enters his daughter.

Genre: Horror
Director: Mike Newell
Starring: Charlton Heston, Susannah York, Jill Townsend

The Awakening 1980
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Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010) 6.6/10

DVD Release Date: 1900-01-01

Defy the Future
A rogue prince reluctantly joins forces with a mysterious princess and together, they race against dark forces to safeguard an ancient dagger capable of releasing the Sands of Time – gift from the gods that can reverse time and allow its possessor to rule the world.

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Action, Romance
Director: Mike Newell
Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Gemma Arterton, Ben Kingsley

Enchanted April (1991) 7.4/10

DVD Release Date: 1900-01-01

It's April in Italy, and anything can happen...even love.
This lovely, 1991 adaptation of Elizabeth Von Arnim's novel has a superb cast and a tone so mellow you can feel your pulse get slower. Josie Lawrence and Miranda Richardson play a pair of unhappily married women who rent an Italian villa for a month, sharing the rent with a crusty Englishwoman (Joan Plowright) and a lonely aristocrat (Polly Walker). Sun, rest, sinking into the green grass for long naps--they all have a soulful effect on the quartet, and then on the men in their lives who make a surprise visit. Mike Newell (Into the West) directs with seeming effortlessness, and it is impossible not to be swayed by the promise of restoration for these burdened characters--or for anyone alive. Wonderful performances all around, including a particularly sensitive one by Alfred Molina and a very funny one by Jim Broadbent.

Genre: Drama, Foreign, Romance
Director: Mike Newell
Starring: Alfred Molina, Joan Plowright, Miranda Richardson

Donnie Brasco (1997) 7.8/10

DVD Release Date: 1900-01-01

Donnie Brasco. Based on a True Story.
An FBI undercover agent infilitrates the mob and finds himself identifying more with the mafia life at the expense of his regular one.

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Director: Mike Newell
Starring: Al Pacino, Johnny Depp, Michael Madsen

Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994) 7.1/10

DVD Release Date: 1900-01-01

Five good reasons to stay single.
Four Weddings And A Funeral is a British comedy about a British Man named Charles and an American Woman named Carrie who go through numerous weddings before they determine if they are right for one another.

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Director: Mike Newell
Starring: Hugh Grant, Andie MacDowell, James Fleet

The Man in the Iron Mask (1977) 6.8/10

DVD Release Date: 1900-01-01

The Classic Adventure of Heroism, Betrayal and Triumph.
The story of Louis XIV of France and his attempts to keep his identical twin brother Philippe imprisoned away from sight and knowledge of the public, and Philippe's rescue by the aging Musketeers, led by D'Artagnan.

Genre: History, Adventure
Director: Mike Newell
Starring: Richard Chamberlain, Patrick McGoohan, Louis Jourdan

Pushing Tin (1999) 6.0/10

DVD Release Date: 1900-01-01

A comedy about losing control
Two air traffic controllers (John Cusack, Billy Bob Thornton) who thrive on living dangerously compete to outdo each other on several levels.

Genre: Comedy, Drama
Director: Mike Newell
Starring: John Cusack, Billy Bob Thornton, Cate Blanchett