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on Oct 19, 2018
when will the site start updating again.
on Oct 19, 2018
There's only one person who can answer that and he's not talking.
on Oct 20, 2018
It's back!!!
Thanks dude
on Oct 20, 2018
But the databases haven't updated
on Oct 20, 2018
Now for all those nervous newbies out there my advice is just give it time and the updates wiil appear again.

Just remember that this site is largely a one man band but when the site is rockin' it really is the best out there.

As well, perhaps people need to take out a membership or two to fall back on when U-C is down.
on Oct 20, 2018
become a bff. Best $20 you'll spend
on Oct 21, 2018
To be fair I don't mind contributing again, this must be costing him money to keep hosted
on Oct 22, 2018
if you can't find something on here but find it somewhere else.. import it.. helps everyone
on Oct 23, 2018
Domain just expired, had to hit the site using local host file edits.

Is this the end?
on Oct 23, 2018
Probably...........its been on a slow decline for a couple of years now.....I hppe admin is ok what ever he is doing.

I know he hates other Indexers being mentioned but as he is never about the best I have found to Crawler when it was working 100% is Nzb.su - its open for registration.....
on Oct 28, 2018
Yeah, it looks like the site is on autopilot. The TV shows are updating, it seems, but the movie scraper is not. Looks like that section needs some manual fixing, but there's nobody logging in to do maintenance.
on Nov 5, 2018
Back after several days outages, but still Ebooks, Mp3 and lossless have not updated in 45 days.
on Nov 5, 2018
Movies haven't been updated either. In fact I'm using other sites as there haven't been any updates.

For the last month or so I've only been visiting UC to see what's happening...so far pretty much nothing is happening.
on Nov 6, 2018
When this site is running on all cylinders it is the best indexing site you will find anywhere, unfortunately it has been running on fumes for a long time, I hope at some point soon it can get back running like it did.
on Nov 13, 2018
(19 Hrs)
Hey! Looks like the movie scraper might be partially working again, I finally see a couple new movies - 2018-11-13. Should be seeing more, but I'll take what I can get. LOL

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