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Thoughts on UC

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on Aug 10, 2018
It appears that we've now had months of silence from Optimus Prime (OP), our administrator, moderator and owner.
First of all, due to posts and updates in the past, I hope things are looking up in some way for our fearless OP. One's health and well-being are more important than anything else.
If you are reading this, I think it might be time to update your March 22 post, update the chat certs, and/or both, and let us know if you are in a position to become active again, or let us know that you're not. Due to the infrequency of recent posts here in the forum, it looks as if many are probably leaving quietly after seeing a repeat of the past, spurts of activity, followed by long periods of silence. I really don't want to see things die here.
What I would like most? To see things come back to normal, and for this topic to be removed or locked as it'd no longer be needed. It's not too late to fill in the holes and keep this ship from sinking.
On the other hand, if this site can no longer be maintained, it's been a great ride for the short time I was aboard, and I certainly have no ill will. Life does move on.
Thanks to those who have read these thoughts all the way through.
on Aug 10, 2018
Could not have said it better!
on Aug 11, 2018
OP may you be well soon!
on Aug 11, 2018
Well said, and best wishes to OP from here as well.

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