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TV shows not indexing 2018-05?

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on May 10, 2018
(1.2 Yrs)
Sorry to hear about the loss of all those NZBs, but am happy that the site is finally back. Chat is still coming back with 503 errors, or I would ask there.

Doesn't seem like indexing is happening, at least for TV shows. Been a few days since I've seen any new episodes from my list show up, and I know they've been posted, as I've gotten them from another site.

Any update on when indexing might come back online?

Thanks for all the hard work!
on May 28, 2018
(1.1 Yrs)
Sadly it's gone from many duplicated listings to missing most of the TV shows posted, as least many no longer show up in the TV show page listings. Be better to have it back than seemingly filtering out or missing most things.
on Jun 5, 2018
(1.1 Yrs)
20 days since the last of my shows was indexed - site gone brain dead again ?
on Jun 6, 2018
(1.1 Yrs)
Site has been on autopilot for two months now. Admin hasn't logged in since Apr 6, and SSL certificate for the chat server expired on April 13.

The flood of TV show posts by nEwZ[NZB] has stopped because the admin had been paying for that service but isn't any more.
on Jun 19, 2018
(1.1 Yrs)
Any suggestions for a backup crawler to use until this one is back up working? All the sites I have seen mentioned before require invites which I don't have.
on Jun 28, 2018
(1.1 Yrs)
Indexing my shows again. Really and up-and-down site.
on Aug 1, 2018
(51 Wks)
https is not working to your chat that may be why few use it.

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