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NZBs broken?

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on Feb 16, 2018
(27 Wks)
I have been out of town for about 6 weeks and when I returned last night downloaded some NZBs and NONE would work with NewsBin. I have used this combination for years and up to 6 weeks ago.

Any Ideas?
on Feb 16, 2018
(26 Wks)
Yup, looks like some new issue. I'm getting an NZB Parse error/ corrupted NZB file. Wishing all site issues will be fixed soon, but I'm trying to not get my hopes up.
on Feb 17, 2018
(26 Wks)
They appear broken for sure. SABnzbd no longer acknowledges NZBs downloaded from UC. They sit in the "watched" folder, and SABnzbd ignores them and pretends they don't even exist. Hope, as KK99KK said above, that there is still hope.
on Feb 19, 2018
(26 Wks)
Reading the error message from SABnzbd there is a reference to a syntax error in line 2.

I figured out that I can get a new NZB from one of the now invisible links, open it in Wordpad, replace:

<!doctype nzb public "-//newzbin//dtd nzb 1.1//en" "http://www.newzbin.com/dtd/nzb/nzb-1.1.dtd">


<!DOCTYPE nzb PUBLIC "-//newzBin//DTD NZB 1.0//EN" "http://www.newzbin.com/DTD/nzb/nzb-1.0.dtd">

that I copied from an old NZB file, and it worked just fine.

Seems like the only difference is the caps in !DOCTYPE nzb PUBLIC "-//newzBin//DTD NZB 1.0//EN" when the NZB is generated.

I'm not sure but fixing that should correct the API problems too as the real problem is probably in the generation of the NZBs.

Hope this gets to the right person and helps fix the problems.

This is a fantastic site when everything is running properly. Probably the best indexer available. The only one that I've seen that could even be considered close was the old nzbMatrix.
on Feb 19, 2018
(26 Wks)
"The right person" didn't react when I posted the same thing 3 days ago here at https://www.usenet-crawler.com/forumpost/12223 (yes, 2 posts below this one), so let's not hold our breath.
on Feb 20, 2018
(26 Wks)
thanks for this, working for me now but just a sod to do the replacing

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