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Excuse My Sarcasm

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on Jan 30, 2018
(16 Wks)
Its great to see everything is working superbly again.

Snappy Website, API working beautifully.......

This used to be an awesome site but now its up and down like a fucking fiddlers elbow.

i'd quite happily donate 20 quid if I knew this server was stable.

WTF is going on???????
on Feb 2, 2018
(16 Wks)
my 2 cents:

The admin needs to make this a paid site with more limits... in turn receiving more money for his efforts and in turn would be able to invest more time?!?

I doubt he even received $10,000 over the past 5 years to run the servers, from BFFs. - Therefore, I guess motivation levels are not always very high.

I'm grateful whenever the site functions and hope that one day it will return to former glory/ reliability.
on Feb 3, 2018
(16 Wks)
Well said KK99KK
on Feb 7, 2018
(15 Wks)
I would be willing to pat monthly.
on Feb 11, 2018
(14 Wks)
don't kid yourselves, this sight has been gubbed for months and the promises of returning greatness are never ending, find a reliable main site and use this for back up (if its working) - why anyone would put cash to this just now is beyond me! By all means if the place was running as it was a year ago and running for a year with no problems then fine but not now - too unreliable, not enough communication from OP - shame really as when it is running as it should it is the best, but only for a few days at a time :(
on Feb 11, 2018
(14 Wks)
it really is a shame....
Usenet-Crawler is REALLY good, when it is functioning properly, which sadly now has become very seldom, and then only for a few days at a time
on Feb 11, 2018
(14 Wks)
I'm a recent BFF, I just want to have functional API !! :)
on Feb 11, 2018
(14 Wks)
on Feb 11, 2018
(14 Wks)
KK99KK is on target. The operator of this site is most probably losing money monthly. He should put in a link whereby users can make voluntary contributions to his efforts. If this doesn't help, then I would be willing to pay a users fee. Make this a rewarding 'hobby' for him. If you aren't a part of the solution, then you are part of the problem. THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST NZB SITE!
on Feb 18, 2018
(13 Wks)
This site has fallen into disrepair over the past few months.

Little things not being addressed quickly became big things not being addressed, and it does show.

Now it's taking me a good 2 or 3 minutes just to log in as the server is in perpetual 'waiting for host' mode

Just clicking on a NZB has become a perpetual 'wait-fest'.

I can go, make me a sandwich and come back to find it is still waiting for host.

As others have said, this was once a great place.... but you cannot simply rely on past successes and hope that alone is 'good enough'

So I am torn between my love for what this site used to represent and my need for something that actually works, and an admin who actually cares
on Feb 19, 2018
(13 Wks)

I totally agree with your experiences and you didn't even mention:

1. The dead NZB links and,

2. How rare it is when the site is actually up and running for a week at a time.

What especially bugs me is that we are completely left in the dark as to the reason for all of this and we're just meant to cop it all.

It's a real shame because you can see that in the near future this site will just collapse from all of these problems and we members will be left high and dry. I'm beginning to wonder if BFF stands for Bloody F...ing Fools because that's how I feal we're being treated.
on Feb 19, 2018
(13 Wks)
I'd be happy to send another donation this year, but things have just been too dicey lately to make it seem a good investment.
No offense, OP, honest .. love the site and hope things are about to look up for UC and yourself.
on Feb 24, 2018
It's such a shame all the issues occurring recently, seems like the site is back on track and then it goes bang again, I'm a member of several other nzb sites which work fine but simply don't have the extent that UC does, really hope it can be resolved completely
on Feb 24, 2018
despite all the ups and downs, I've yet to find another site that works as well as this one. Also, at least for a bunch of time last year when there were issues, the issues were with all the indexers that i use, so not the Admins fault.
on Feb 25, 2018
Glad to see this back as well. You do have by far the best index on the web. I hope your problems can settle down some. But be sure to ask for help if you need it. I am sure a number of us will donate again.
on Feb 26, 2018
Glad to see the site is working once more. Thank you for all your hard work
on Feb 27, 2018
Working to an extent - search within a group not working (collateral shown many times, but search for it and it fails) and getting a 'page is not redirecting properly' clicking on 3 of the many instances of it - it may be obtainable from the non group view, but within TV > HD, not working for this and others. Appreciate the work going on, but the same issues keep re-occuring. Thanks
on Feb 27, 2018
Nothing new in "Movies" category in a week...
OptimusPrime - admin
on Mar 8, 2018
I understand all your frustration people. Apologies for my late reply. I really should work on my multitasking skills.
I've been without power for months and currently squatting. Should have informed you guys sooner but I'm quite embarrassed.
Affiliates dropped us and I lost 50% income. Decided to drop all servers and go for small VPS quite a risk but it worked out.
Definitely not the best time, but I was facing 1500 a month server fees. Longevity of the site is most important.

Please give me another try. I feel like we are 95% there if you don't agree open a gitlab issue and I will take care of it.
on Mar 8, 2018
Personally, i have a few different indexers I have for backups, but UNC is my my oldest.
OptimusPrime - admin
on Mar 8, 2018
I have removed all posts regarding invites to other indexers. If this is something you guys would like to do, someone can open up a channel on chat and I will make it a favorite.
Reason is I don't want site operators promoting here.
on Mar 10, 2018
optimus the invites were to help the others get what they need while the sit gets fixed (backup) i do not intend to jump ship as most of the guys here to but we need our fix of NZB;s just tell us what you need .
im not going i just want the site to get back on it's feet.
i feel for you for what you are doing for the site, keep up the good work you are well thanked for it.
on Mar 10, 2018
You should do a $5 or $10 monthly sub. Its not much but with more people contributing should help significantly!
on Mar 11, 2018
agreed icedigger, i was trying to but no payment info that i could find. may be yearly subs like all the rest, at least get steady income to pay for the server.
say gold , silver, bronze, by the amount of api;s searches and or nzb downloads and invites, but for this to work the site needs to be running 100% or people wont pay.
on Mar 11, 2018
Donations can be done through the BFF page: https://www.usenet-crawler.com/bff
on Mar 13, 2018
I agree with IceDigger. NZBPlanet was my 'back up' place and they charge about $10 a year.
I prefer UseNet Crawler as my primary 'go to' site, and love it.

I would also not be opposed to a subscription fee.

OptimusPrime - admin
on Mar 23, 2018
Ok gents. What I really need from you is to come to chat, contact me directly or in the UC room and explain me your issues there so I can put them in an issue tracker and fix them one by one.

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