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How long u need to process bff?

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on Dec 24, 2017
(34 Wks)
Hi guys,
i payed via
"Quickest checkout ever. Use this if you don't have bitcoins. Coins are bought and sent directly to our adressess so you don't need a wallet. "

But i dont know if im bff now or not. Where i can see?

If im not, how long does it take to finish?

Merry XMAS.
on Dec 24, 2017
(34 Wks)
If you see check boxes next to the search items and you can save them in your cart, then you should have BFF status.
on Dec 24, 2017
(34 Wks)
The fact that you could even post to the forums means you are bff. Non bffs cannot post or comment in the forums. Also, as mentioned the checkboxes is a good sign. And, if not bff, you would still see the upgrade to bff link at the top.
[email protected] - admin
on Dec 27, 2017
(34 Wks)
All you have to do is to contact us if your BFF status hasn't been updated automatically.

All of the above answears are correct.

on Jan 14, 2018
(31 Wks)
thanks for the info :-)

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