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My Cart RSS feed is empty

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on Oct 2, 2017
(1.1 Yrs)
even though I have stuff in my cart the RSS feed returns a completely black page.
on Mar 26, 2018
(30 Wks)
hello admin. for some reason i can't log on to chat, so i resurrected this thread. my rss feeds, mymovies and myshows, haven't been 'fed' for a long while now.

is this normal or should i do something ? the automation that goes with sabnzb doesn't work, because the rss feeds remain empty.

thanks for your help and explanations.
OptimusPrime - admin
on Mar 30, 2018
(29 Wks)
Hit me up on chat and we will take a look. Maybe you need to register again on chat?
on Apr 13, 2018
(27 Wks)
I am having a similar issue where I select NZBs and click Add To Cart, it does not add them. Clicking cart one by one, however, does work sometimes.

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