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Wall-E (2008) HQ 720p DD 5 1 NL Gesproken

Name:Wall-E (2008) HQ 720p DD 5.1 NL Gesproken
Cover: WALL·E
Movie Info: WALL·E (2008) 7.9/10
An adventure beyond the ordinar-E. - WALL·E is the last robot left on an Earth that has been overrun with garbage and all humans have fled to outer space. For 700 years he has continued to try and clean up the mess, but has developed some rather interesting human-like qualities. When a ship arrives with a sleek new type of robot, WALL·E thinks he's finally found a friend and stows away on the ship when it leaves.

Genre: Animation, Family
Category:Movies > Foreign > Dutch
Media Info:
Property Value
Overall Container Format AVI
Bitrate 7 354 bps
Video Duration 1h 38mn
Format MPEG-4 Visual
Codec FMP4
Width x Height 1280x720
Aspect 16:9
Framerate 23.9760 fps
Library Lavc51.40.4
Audio 1 Format AC-3
Bitrate Mode Constant
Bitrate 320 Kbps
Channels 6 channels
Sample Rate 48.0 KHz
Preview:Wall-E (2008) HQ 720p DD 5.1 NL Gesproken screenshot
Size:3.09 GB (100%)
Files:40 files
Rar Contains:
Filename Password Size Date
Wall-E (2008) HQ 720p DD 5.1 NL Gesproken/Alle_TV_zenders_10_euro_p_maand.jpg No 0.08 MB Nov 18, 2014
Wall-E (2008) HQ 720p DD 5.1 NL Gesproken/Wall-E (2008)/Wall-E (2008).avi No 2.95 GB Mar 25, 2016
Password: None
Poster:[email protected] (worldwideweb)
Posted:Mar 25, 2016 (2.6 Yrs ago)
Added:Mar 26, 2016 (2.6 Yrs ago)
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