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Leptirica 1973 German 720p BluRay x264-iNKLUSiON

Cover: The She-Butterfly
Movie Info: The She-Butterfly (1973) 7.8/10
Ako strah ima svoje ime, onda je to LEPTIRICA! - Story follows young man Strahinja who is in love with a local beauty Radojka, but their relationship has an obstacle - her father Zivan, who considers Strahinja as nothing but a loser. To prove that he's able to take care of himself and his future bride, Strahinja agrees to take vacancy in village mill... But, mill is known as a place where no one meets the dawn alive...

Director: Djordje Kadijevic
Genre: Horror, Drama
Starring: Mirjana Nikolic, Petar Bozovic, Slobodan 'Cica' Perovic
Category:Movies > Foreign > German
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