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Smastad 2017 SWEDiSH 720p BluRay x264-iMSORNY

Cover: Småstad
Movie Info: Småstad (2017) 6.9/10
The art of living before we die - Since early childhood, Björn has secretly carried an insurmountable fear. When his father dies of old age, he and his four sisters are each left with a video message, that makes him question everything. Director Johan Löfstedt's extended family play themselves in a heartfelt and unconventional film about life, death and the courage to change.

Director: Johan Löfstedt
Genre: Drama
Starring: Björn Löfstedt, Pelle Löfstedt, Anna Löfstedt
Category:Movies > Foreign > Swedish
Size:4.55 GB (100%)
Files:195 files
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Poster:nEwZ[NZB] <[email protected]>
Posted:Dec 6, 2017 (49 Wks ago)
Added:Dec 10, 2017 (48 Wks ago)
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