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Psalm 21 2009 Swedish 720p BRRip DTS x264-NWT

Cover: Psalm 21
Movie Info: Psalm 21 (2009) 4.5/10
Henrik is a young father who lives in Stockholm, constantly plagued by nightmares with his deceased mother. One day, he receives the news that his father, father, who lives in a remote village, it is drowned and died. The circumstances of drowning are mysterious. Henrik travels to the village to investigate the cause of his death. To find out more about the drowning and on his father, the door to the unknown and open. Shadows of the past emerge, returning to this world for one reason only: revenge.

Director: Fredrik Hiller
Genre: Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller
Starring: Jonas Malmsjö, Oliver Åström, Robin Åström
Category:Movies > Foreign > Swedish
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